Cruzaa E-Scooter


ScootCommute bring you a whole new design of Electric scooter.

The Cruzaa sit-down electeic scooter is an exclusive lifestyle premium product. Reaching ranges of up to 29 miles whilst riding at speeds of 15.5mph.

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Up to 15.5mph


Up to 28 miles

Tyre Size



Up to 15% Incline

Charge Time

4-5 Hours


18 KG


Dual Brakes


IPX5 Rated


Front Led

Scooter Specifications

Top Speed


Max Range

37.3 miles

Charge Time

4-5 hours



Max Load




Engine Size

240w 36v


Front led lights



Size when folded LxWxH


Size when unfolded


Cruzaa E-Scooter

This Unique designed electric scooter is sure to catch everbody’s eye while riding about town.

The Cruzaa is 100% electric with a unique foldable ‘k’ frame design, making everyday transport an effortless pleasure.

The 240w motor can reach a decent range of just over 37 miles on a single charge, whilst reaching top speeds of 15.5mph.

The Cruzaa is so unique, it has an extensive range of features, such as built in speakers with bluetooth, enabling you to to stream your own music whilst riding. also comes with a smart xenon large LED screen display and built in USB port, enabling to charge your phone on the move.

 The battery is detachable for portable charging, the beauty of this is you are able to swop over the battery once it has died and pop in a fully charged one, therefore you have increased your riding range by double! With the battery being lightweight, it can easily pop into your rucksack, making it easy to transport.


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Repairs and servicing Policy

Our workshops are reserved for our Electric scooters only. This means we can offer you a fast turnaround on any work required. All issues are diagnosed/remedied in our on-site workshop. You can book a slot online (select East London or Staffordshire)

All our repairs are covered for only the work that has been booked in for and carried out on the e-scooters for up to 30 days of repair (unless otherwise agreed). Any non-consumable parts fitted, automatically come with a maximum of a 1-year warranty, that is once it has been fitted or supplied.     (Book now option)

What are consumables parts?

Tyres, inner tubes, brake pads, handlebar grips, sticker and transfers, nuts and bolts are not covered under the repair policy.

What is not covered?

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, alteration, accident, misuse, improper maintenance or neglect such as corrosion due to storage outdoors or damp conditions or commercial use (e.g. hiring). Stripped pedal threads (where the user fits pedals) are not considered warranty cases; they should be carefully fitted and fully tightened as per our setup procedure. Consumable items such as brake pads, discs, spokes, chains, cassettes, sprockets, bearings, inner tubes, wheels truing and tyres are not considered warranty items and should be maintained or replaced in accordance with wear rates and maintenance schedules.

Electric scooters and E-bikes are warrantied for normal riding within the activities for which they were designed. However, failures or damage occurring during crashing or activities such as stunt riding, jumping or overloading are not covered by warranties.

Is the warranty transferable?

As per the instructions set out by the manufacturer and included in your owner’s manual, warranty/support cannot be transferred. It only applies to the first buyer and on the presentation of the customer’s purchase receipt. This is set by the manufacturer, not us.

Does the warranty restart or extended after a repair?

Any work carried out does not mean that the warranty has been lengthened or that the warranty period has started again from the beginning. The warranty period starts from the date stated on the Purchase order confirmation.

After Repair is complete

We will contact the customer once the repair is complete The customer will need to collect the product within 48 hrs of repair or a £5 daily charge will be added as we are not liable for storage